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Bibliotherapy-Worry and Fear

Did you know that 7.1 percent of children struggle with an anxiety disorder? Many other children will struggle with stress and nervousness. If you suspect that your child is struggling with the aforementioned, bibliotherapy is a great way to introduce the subjects.

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Hurricane Harvey: A Year Later

As we come upon the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, we may experience a multitude of emotions. Some may feel a sense of relief that the hardship of the flood is over as they move back into their homes and continue with daily life tasks. However, others of us may still sense the emotional turmoil that Hurricane Harvey left us with.

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Guide to Surviving Final Exams

It is about that time of year again—dreaded final exams. As a counselor that works with adolescents, I know the stress that many teens feel in regards to school. As I write this, I am reflecting back on my own experience with final exams. I always did well it in school, but when it came time to remembering an entire semester, or even year of material, I panicked. Then, I am supposed to remember a year’s worth of material for 7 classes? An overwhelming feeling takes over, and even though I know I will survive this, in the moment I have no idea how I will. Does this sound familiar? If so, here is a list of some things that you can do to prepare yourself for final exam week.

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