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Managing a Meltdown

Last week, you read about how to tame a tantrum. This week, I want to provide you with further information on how to identify and help your child cope with a meltdown. Remember, tantrums often are a result of a trigger that a child can recognize. A meltdown is usually a result of overstimulation. For example, a child may have a tantrum if they do not get a toy at the store. A child may have a meltdown if they are surrounded by too many people in their class room.

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“Officer you have to arrest her!” Like most good stories, this one starts with someone suggesting I should be arrested. But before I share this story, let’s talk about how my confidence never waned despite the rather unusual circumstances.

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The Elementary Years- The Surprisingly Challenging Time

We all know about the “terrible 2’s”, “threenagers,” and the “teenage angst years!” Parents expect difficulties during these stages. They have prepared that their child will be establishing independence, which means hearing words, such as “I do it,” “no!,” or “whatever!” As a child counselor, I witness another stage that many parents have not prepared for. It is the elementary years.

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