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Working Through Depression: Symptoms & Antidotes  

When people share their experiences with depression with me, the most common theme I hear is a sense of feeling “heavy,” as though they are carrying a ginormous weight on their shoulders. Another visual often shared is a feeling of walking through knee-deep mud. That ubiquitous experience of heaviness is the proverbial shot in the foot that often interferes with a person’s ability to recover from depression.

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What is Up with All Those Acronyms: MDD

MDD stands for Major Depressive Disorder or depression as most of us know it. Depression causes symptoms including sleep and appetite disturbance, loss of pleasure in activities, poor motivation, poor energy, irritability, isolation, feeling slowed down or sluggish, and potentially thoughts of death or suicide. MDD may occur as a single episode, or for some the symptoms may be recurrent. Depression may happen with or without a specific cause. For instance, depression can follow trauma, life changes, or injuries to the brain. Additionally, MDD tends to have a genetic link.

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