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Gottman: Date 3

If you are just tuning into this new blog series, I highly suggest going back to read/complete the first date topic, trust and commitment, and the second date topic, conflict.  As a recap, Eight Dates is a date guide about 8 different beneficial conversations that help couples to connect and gain a better understanding of one another. 

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Utilizing I Feel Statements

Ever had an argument or conversation with a significant other where you walked away thinking, “That conversation did not start or end like I anticipated!”  I think most people can relate to this experience.  One of the most helpful things that I have found for couple is to start the conversation in a better, less defensive way so that the conversation continues to be more open and non-judgmental.  Dr. John Gottman has perfected the method for couples to begin a conversation in a non-defensive manner called softened start-ups.

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How to know when you are flooded

With the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey and the threat of Hurricane Florence on the East Coast, the major effects of flooding have been weighing on my mind lately. Did you know that you can become flooded, too?

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