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Positive Psychology

Largely, I operate from a strengths-based perspective meaning that when working with clients I emphasize the positive and I collaboratively work with each client to find ways to encourage positive thinking patterns. A counselor operating from a strengths-based perspective helps clients identify their strengths, social supports, successes, and positive experiences in their life.

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Finding Happiness Through Gratitude

This is a time I would normally panic; my thoughts would go in a negative spiral, and I would make this about a flaw in my character instead of realizing it was just a bad situation, i.e. “I’m not good enough because I can’t make appointments on time.” Yet, something was different this time; this time I felt intense gratitude. I acknowledged my feelings, “Yup, this kind of sucks,” then I acknowledged there was nothing I can do about it, “my stressing will not magically clear the freeway.” I then did something I tell my clients to do, I took an action that was the opposite of my feeling

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Practicing Gratefulness In-order to Transform Your Life and Brain

I recently attended a fascinating conference discussing the neuroplasticity of the brain. Ok, I know, things suddenly got boring when I tossed around the big fancy medical term. However, despite the boring medical term, the concept was pretty interesting! 

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