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My Selfish Experiment

I embarked on a journey in 2017. A journey that I didn’t even tell my closest friends about. I declared to my husband on New Year’s Eve last year that this was a “me year.” I unapologetically said I was going to be “selfish” this year. You see, my life previously was very similar to many parents out there. Constantly thinking of everyone else, putting my children before me, putting my husband before me, and putting my job before me. I was exhausted, unhappy with life, and in a state of constant exhaustion.

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Finding Happiness Through Gratitude

This is a time I would normally panic; my thoughts would go in a negative spiral, and I would make this about a flaw in my character instead of realizing it was just a bad situation, i.e. “I’m not good enough because I can’t make appointments on time.” Yet, something was different this time; this time I felt intense gratitude. I acknowledged my feelings, “Yup, this kind of sucks,” then I acknowledged there was nothing I can do about it, “my stressing will not magically clear the freeway.” I then did something I tell my clients to do, I took an action that was the opposite of my feeling

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Best Version of You?!?

I was taking an online spin class this evening, and the instructor yelled “be the best version of you!” Being the counselor that I am, I immediately drifted off into “what the heck is the best version of me?” After sweating for another 20 minutes, cursing at the onscreen instructor for making me work more than I was wanting tonight, and then feeling the endorphins kick in, I realized what my best version was.

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