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Staying on Track this New Years

I don’t know about you guys, but I have made some indulgences as of late, and frequently noted “I can’t wait to get back on track after the new year!” I have stated more than once about wanting to get back on a work-out, eat right, have a consistent work schedule, and improve my self-care routine. Let’s face it, the holidays get all of us off track! It’s pretty common to want self-improvement in the new year, but not everyone is able to succeed in their goals.

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Finding Happiness Through Gratitude

This is a time I would normally panic; my thoughts would go in a negative spiral, and I would make this about a flaw in my character instead of realizing it was just a bad situation, i.e. “I’m not good enough because I can’t make appointments on time.” Yet, something was different this time; this time I felt intense gratitude. I acknowledged my feelings, “Yup, this kind of sucks,” then I acknowledged there was nothing I can do about it, “my stressing will not magically clear the freeway.” I then did something I tell my clients to do, I took an action that was the opposite of my feeling

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Best Version of You?!?

I was taking an online spin class this evening, and the instructor yelled “be the best version of you!” Being the counselor that I am, I immediately drifted off into “what the heck is the best version of me?” After sweating for another 20 minutes, cursing at the onscreen instructor for making me work more than I was wanting tonight, and then feeling the endorphins kick in, I realized what my best version was.

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