Child & Adolescent Therapy

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It's not always easy being a kid. Whether your child is elementary age or high school age, your child may be facing a number of feelings and fears that they may be unsure of how to handle. When your child is having a hard time with friends, school, or being happy, both you as a parent and your child miss out on all the great things life has to offer. You as a parent might even worry that your child may never live the happy life you dreamed of for them.

Your child may be doing things like:

·       Feeling sad or unhappy with their life

·       Feeling nervous when meeting new people

·       Withdrawing from people or things they once loved

·       Acting out

·       Getting bad grades in school

·       Getting in trouble at school or work

·       Beginning unhealthy eating habits

·       Harming themselves or others

You as a parent might even catch yourself thinking…

"I wish it were easier for my child to make friends..."

“I wish I knew how to help my child…”

“I wish I knew what was wrong…”

"Why is my child always in trouble?"

"What happened to the child I once knew?"

Or even, "Will my child ever be happy?"

Which may result in you and your child feeling hopeless, sad and overwhelmed. You might even begin to avoid social settings with your child, say things you don't mean to your child out of frustration, or constantly worry about what your child is doing.

Our counselors help by creating a safe place for your child to show how they feel. We then help your child learn how to find the cause of their distress, how to ask for help, and how to express themselves in a better way. We believe your child is best supported when we work with your entire family. As a family you will learn positive changes you can make to better the life of your child and your family as a whole.

Worrying about your child can be tough, but we are here to help you and your child live a happy, successful and fulfilling life.


Psychoeducational Evaluation - $1500

Autism Spectrum Evaluations
Ages 5 and over - $1800
Under 5 - $1200

AD/HD Evaluations - $1000

Developmental Evaluation - $1000

Insurance Coverage

Out-of-network coverage may be available depending on your insurance plan. We can provide you with a superbill for reimbursement through your insurance provider. Please consult with your insurance company to determine coverage availability.


Amy Rollo, MA, LPA, LSSP, LPC-S $185 Individual or Couple Session

Michele Dial, M.Ed., LPC $185 Couple/$160 Individual Session

Katherine Mitchell, M.A., Certified Sex Therapist $150 Individual, Sex Therapy, or Couple Session

Kristin Tallackson, M.A., LPC (OH), LPC-Intern (TX) $150 Individual or Family Session

Brittany Barnes, M.A., NCC, CST-Candidate $150 Individual, Sex Therapy, or Couple Session

Kathleen Cogan, M.A. $150 Initial appointment or Couple Therapy Session $125 Individual Appointment

Steffanie Brand, M.S. $150 Initial appointment or Couple Therapy Session $125 Individual Appointment

Rachel Ealy, M.Ed $150 Individual, Couple or Family Session