Heights Family Counseling

Child and Adolescent Counseling


The elementary age is a critical age for children. It is often the time we witness emotional difficulties, such as heightened anxiety, difficulty regulating emotions, and sadness in our children.  Heights Family therapy strives to create a safe place to discover different emotions and allow for healthy expression of feelings. We believe in working with the entire family in order to change negative interactions and unhealthy patterns. This allows for change to extend beyond the therapy room. Some areas that Heights Family Counseling works with include anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, oppositional behaviors, anger, self-esteem, AD/HD, eating disorders, school issues, family changes, autism spectrum disorders, social skills, peer interactions, self-harm, and more. 

The pre-teen and teenage years can be especially difficult for both child and parents. Heights Family Counseling provides professional adolescent counseling to help your teenager navigate through this rough time. During this time, young people experience physical growth, mental development, and emotional changes. Adolescents can experience stressors that include family, school, and friend issues. Adolescents can learn how to identify causes of their distress, develop their skills in asking for help and expressing emotions, and improve their coping and problem-solving abilities.

Adult Counseling


Whether you are experiencing work-life issues, depression, anxiety, existential concerns (determining values and finding meaning and purpose), needing anger management, or having a family stress, Heights Family Counseling can help get you started in a new direction. Counseling will provide a safe environment where you can discover new perspectives, help make sense of overwhelming feelings, and learn to express emotions in a healthy way. Our goal is to journey alongside each person to help them recognize their own strengths and resiliency in order to foster a more meaningful and authentic life.

In addition, Heights Family Counseling is trained in research based methods to help you cope with significant anxiety and past trauma. We offer EMDR therapy, which is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and shown to be effective in treating of trauma.

Couples Counseling


Heights Family counseling  provides counseling services for both couples and families. We are extensively trained in premarital, marriage and family counseling and specialize in meeting the emotional and relational needs of couples and families. We help families build communication, provide tools to address conflict, and help each partner become better aware of the emotional needs of their partner. 

An active sex life is incredibly important for most individuals, especially those in a relationship. At Heights Family Counseling, we understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help, especially when sexual issues arise. Heights Family Counseling offers sex therapy to both couples and individuals looking to enhance intimacy, increase sexual communication with a partner, address emotional difficulties related to sexual intimacy (such as past trauma or infidelities within a relationship), and address sexual dysfunctions that have arisen. Sex therapy is a talk-based therapy which aims to help individuals and couples better understand and achieve the type of sex life they wish to have.

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy Image.jpg

Sex therapy is a talk-based therapy which aims to help individuals and couples better understand and achieve the type of sex life they desire. At Heights Family Counseling, we understand how important sex is to most individuals and couples. We also know how difficult it can be to reach out for help, especially when common sexual issues arise individually or within a partnership.  The taboo that exists in our society surrounding sex continues to affect how people deal with sexual difficulties. We provide a safe, non-judgmental space for clients to discuss, reflect on, and move forward from the sexual issues that have arisen.  Our clinicians are educated and skilled in offering sex therapy to both couples and individuals who are looking to better understand and transform their sex lives.

Sex therapy can help address a number of issues such as: lack of knowledge regarding sexual health; sexual issues related to religion/spirituality, family values, culture, and/or ethnicity; communication barriers related to sexual intimacy; sexual and relationship issues related to an affair and/or differences in sexual pleasure preferences; sexual health related to medical factors; female orgasmic disorder; female sexual interest/arousal disorder; erectile disorder (premature ejaculation); pain experienced during penetration; vaginismus; male hypoactive sexual desire disorder; issues related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity; lacking knowledge or relationship issues related to a sexually transmitted infection and/or safer sex practices; risky sexual behavior related to substance use; sexual issues or relationship issues related to history of sexual abuse; and interest and/or lacking knowledge regarding BDSM, kink, and/or other sexual lifestyles.

Play Therapy


Play therapy is the treatment of choice for young children. It uses play, the natural language of children, to provide each child with an opportunity for emotional expression, the development of coping skills, and the growth of self-esteem. It also helps a child develop responsibility, decision-making skills, and self-control in a safe, non-threatening, therapeutic manner. 

Heights Family Counseling has expertise in many different forms of play therapy, including traditional client centered play therapy, sand tray therapy, expressive arts therapy, and filial therapy. We tailor our approach to meet the needs of each client and family. 

Evaluation Services


Heights Family Therapy owner, Amy Rollo, M.A., LSSP, LPC-S has specialized in evaluation services for well over 15 years. Amy understands that the process is much more than determining a diagnosis. There is typically significant anxiety and fears regarding the potential diagnosis, and subsequently the process can be a difficult time for many families. Amy strives to make the process as comfortable as possible, as well as help recognize the child's strengths, determine interventions, and when appropriate, work with the school to provide the best educational setting possible for your child's success in life. 

An evaluation provides a better understanding of a person's strengths and weaknesses in cognitive, academic, social and emotional functioning. Recommendations will be provided to help increase the child's functioning, as well as suggest accommodations and interventions.

Adult evaluations are common. Many adults want answers to life-long struggles, need appropriate standardized testing in order determine a diagnosis for medication management, or are needing a diagnosis for services in college. Heights Family Counseling can help in all these areas. 

Special Needs


Heights Family Counseling specializes in working with individuals and families with various special needs.  We understand that worry and fear begins before the official diagnosis, and the mixed feelings that leave parents overwhelmed after the diagnosis. Heights Family Counseling can assist with the diagnosis, family support, guidance in parenting, social skills, and individual and group counseling. 

Heights Family Counseling's owner, Amy Rollo, M.A., LSSP, LPC-S, is a mother who understands the stress of raising children with various needs, as well as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, and Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor. Heights Family Counseling has extensive knowledge of various developmental, learning, attention, and autism spectrum disorders. Our approach is research based, as well as one of support and empathy. We look forward to journeying with your family. 

Parent Consultation


Often times parents need support. Parenting is the most difficult job and comes with no instruction manual. Heights Family Counseling  seeks to provide guidance and support, as well as techniques targeted to parenting your child. Each child has their specific needs and often times what works for one child, does not work with the next. Our goal is to fully understand your child in order to implement a system that fosters better behavior and emotional development. 

LPC Supervisor


Heights Family Counseling's owner, Amy Rollo, M.A., LSSP, LPC-S, offers LPC Supervision for interns in the needs of an on and off-site supervisor. Amy's approach is to help guide the intern to find their own therapy style while teaching clinical skills.  Her goal is for the new therapist to feel comfortable and confident in their own counseling approach. Amy's background mostly consists of a  cognitive behavioral/DBT, play therapy, narrative therapy, and person centered approach. However, Amy has doctoral level training in individual counseling theories and advanced marriage and family therapy models. 



Amy Rollo, MA, LPA, LSSP, LPC-S $185 Individual or Couple Session

Michele Dial, M.Ed., LPC $175 Couple Appointment $160 Individual Session

Katherine Mitchell, M.A., Certified Sex Therapist $150 Individual, Sex Therapy, or Couple Session

Kristin Tallackson, M.A., LPC (OH), LPC-Intern (TX) $150 Initial Appointment $150 Family Sessions $150 Individual Appointment

Brittany Barnes, M.A., NCC, CST-Candidate $150 Initial Appointment $150 Couple or Sex Therapy Session $125 Individual Appointment

Kathleen Cogan, M.A. $150 Initial Appointment $150 Couple Session $125 Individual Appointment

Rachel Ealy, M.Ed $150 Initial Appointment $150 Couple Session $125 Individual Appointment


Psychoeducational Evaluation - $1500

Autism Spectrum Evaluations
Ages 5 and over - $1800
Under 5 - $800

AD/HD Evaluations - $700

Developmental Evaluation - $800

Insurance Coverage

Out-of-network coverage may be available depending on your insurance plan. We can provide you with a superbill for reimbursement through your insurance provider. Please consult with your insurance company to determine coverage availability.