Position of the Month- Yes, THAT kind of position!- The Bunny Hop

Since Easter is April 1st and the beautiful spring weather has been in full-bloom here in Houston, it only seems fitting to have April’s position of the month be bunny themed.

The Bunny Hop

For the mild at heart: Start by having the male or penetrating partner (if using a strap on) sit on the bed or sofa.  This partner will sit on the bed with their back and head leaning against the headboard or sit on a couch normally with their back against the couch.  If you decide to try this position out on a bed, this partner, might want to put a pillow behind their back and have their legs lying flat out on the bed (and in the middle of the bed so that there is plenty of room on either side).  The partner being penetrated will then squat over their sitting partner (I know it sounds like a workout but it’s worth a try!).  The two of you should be facing one another.  The partner squatting can steady themselves by either holding onto the headboard or back of the couch.  I do not recommend holding hands with your partner, as the headboard or back of the couch will offer much more support.  Once the squatting partner feels stabilized, they will begin to slowly move themselves up and down over their partner’s penis or strap-on much like a hopping bunny.  This position can cause an injury if not careful, so I recommend starting very slowly.  The partner laying on the bed or couch can also help to stabilize the “hopping” partner, since their hands will be free.  Prior to beginning this position, the squatting partner might want to begin with some leg stretches. If squatting is too much physically for this partner, this position can be completed by kneeling/straddling over your partner.  The straddling partner will continue to utilize the headboard or back of the couch as a means of stability and leverage themselves up and down motion.

For the wild at heart: In order to take this sexual position to the next level, try adding in a vibrating penis ring (can be ordered online, bought at your local adult toy store, and/or Target is now selling a vibrating penis ring in their adult contraceptive section).  Another easy movement that can take this position to the next level is utilizing your Kegel/pelvic floor muscles.  When the squatting partner comes down over their partner’s penis, squeeze the pelvic floor muscles. The sitting partner will likely feel this tightness as a wonderful sensation that will likely help to enhance or lead to an orgasm.

I hope you and your partner have a great time hopping your way into some romantic fun! If the two of you are feeling especially playful don some bunny ears and enjoy the festive spirit!

Written by Katie Mitchell, M.A., LPC-Intern CST-Candidate

Katie Mitchell is a counselor and Certified Sex Therapist-Candidate at Heights Family Counseling. She believes in using a solution-focused therapeutic approach to therapy, in order to empower clients to discover more effective solutions to their problems.  Katie aims to foster a non-judgmental, accepting environment that helps clients to feel comfortable sharing their deepest thoughts and self-reflections. Katie enjoys working with a variety of clientele, such as individuals, couples, and families.  She also enjoys working with both individual and relational sexual concerns.  She understands that an active sex life is incredibly important for most individuals, especially those in a relationship. Learn more about Katie by visiting, https://heightsfamilycounseling.com/amy-rollo/, or learn more about our services at, https://heightsfamilycounseling.com/services/