February Position of the Month: The Super Soaker: From Our Certified Sex Therapist

Written by Katie Mitchell, M.A. , Certified Sex Therapist

 For this month’s highlighted sexual position, I thought that I would share something a bit different than past months.  With Valentine’s Day in just a couple of weeks, here is a “move” that could be a sexual experience all on its own or paired with other experiences afterwards!  As a heads up, for this experience you will need a bathtub that has enough space for you and your partner. 

Take some time to prepare and set the mood before jumping into the tub together!  Light some relaxing and sensual candles and place them around your bathroom.  Get some bath salts or bubble bath in relaxing scents (keep in mind complimentary scents, getting all the same scents, or what works for a partner if they have any allergies).  The two of you might also enjoy a couple glasses of champagne or sparkling juice (is champagne is not your game).  Draw a bath and jump into the tub together!  Spend some time scrubbing one another and verbally/physically appreciating each other’s bodies.  Be in no rush to get out of the tub – enjoy soaking in this moment together and having some skin-to-skin contact time.  Try getting handsy with one another and/or manually stimulating each other – be sure to verbally express what is pleasurable with one another. 

This experience is great all on its own, and it can also be a great tool for foreplay, if you both desire to continue the experience outside of the tub.  Have fun trying out something different together and taking the time to really set the mood for this experience.