March Position of the Month:  Turn the Tables

Written by Katie Mitchell, Certified Sex Therapist

            This month’s highlighted position, Turn the Tables, is a bit challenging and can definitely be considered a workout for both partners.  Because this position requires some flexibility, doing some light stretching together beforehand will help avoid injuries and/or muscle cramps. 

            This position will be a bit physically straining for the penetrating partner.  They will create their body into a reverse table (look up this yoga position if that helps to imagine what this position will look like).  In order to do this, they will plant their feet on the floor, bend their knees, and hold their body level/flat.  The penetrating partner will support their upper body by planting their hands onto the floor (fingers pointing towards their planted feet).  This partner’s feet will need to be planted directly under their knees (about hips distance apart) and their hands directly under their shoulders (shoulder distance apart).  This position will work the penetrating partner’s deltoids, core, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.

            The partner who will be penetrated will face away from the partner who is in reverse table, straddling their body.  They will lower themselves down onto their partner’s erect penis or strap on (this will be similar to reverse cowgirl, but standing).  This partner will place some but not all of their weight onto their partner; mostly the standing partner will support themselves by planting the balls of their feet (or their entire foot) onto the ground.  This partner can also help to balance themselves by placing their hands onto their partner’s thighs; however, be very considerate of how much pressure/weight is being placed onto their legs, since this partner is already attempting to hold themselves steady in reverse table.  This position is a workout for the standing partner’s quads and core. 

            Both of you will work together to find a thrusting rhythm that is pleasurable for you both.  The standing partner will utilize their quads to lower themselves up and down, while their reverse table partner will use their hips to thrust.  Try this out for 1 to 5 minutes.  As a heads up, since this position is not meant to be held for an extended period of time, be sure to lubricate prior to beginning so that you can both make the most of this experience. 

            I hope you and your partner have a fun time stepping out of your sexual repertoire (or not) with this challenging position!  Here’s to bringing in a new month with a new, fun sexual position!

            More information for this specific position (including image) can be found on page 238 of The Kama Sutra Workout, and this book can be purchased from Amazon here.