November Position of The Month From Our Sex Therapist: The Wishbone

Now that Halloween has been celebrated, we are quickly approaching the holiday season.  For November’s position of the month, I thought it would be fun to share a Thanksgiving themed position, the Wishbone. 

Before any rigorous sexual activity, you might want to consider doing some light stretching to avoid any injuries, such as a hip opening stretch!  In order to get into the Wishbone position, first start in missionary.  Thus, the partner who being penetrated will lay on their back on a soft surface, such as a bed or sofa.  This partner will also open their hips so that the other partner is able to penetrate them.  The penetrating partner will be on top of the other partner.  This partner will use their own footing and arms to make sure that they are not applying all of their body weight/pressure onto the other partner.  This partner’s footing and arm strength will also be important for gaining traction when thrusting/penetrating.  Both partner’s will be looking at one another face-to-face. 

Now that you and your partner have mastered missionary, you are both ready to turn up the heat!  In order to do the Wishbone, one small, but important positioning change needs to occur.  While still in missionary, the partner laying on their back will move their legs so that they are up in the air, creating a “V” shape, like the shape of a wishbone.  This seems like such a small change, but it will give way for more openness of the hips for the partner lying down.  This will allow for a deeper, more stimulated penetration.  This is also a great position to practice your open communication with one another.  Be vocal with one another about what feels pleasurable and if you would like your partner to speed up, slow down, etc.  Remember to focus on the positives and what feels pleasurable in the moment, rather than critiquing one another.

I hope you and your partner have a playful, fun time celebrating Thanksgiving in your own intimate way!  Who needs to make a wish on a wishbone, when you can have this much fun connecting with your partner!