Hey Mommas, You Got This

Hey mommas, you got this.

You struggle,

You are exhausted.

Sometimes you feel like you don’t even like this,

The guilt sinks in.

You wonder am I even enough.

Hey mommas, you got.

Your child doesn’t see your struggle,

They just see you as their momma.

You are their safety,

You are their comfort,

You are their nurse, therapist, and best friend.

Hey mommas, you got this.

These are the best of times.

They are full of dirty diapers, band aids, and wiping tears.

 Hey mommas, you got this because there is no other you.

You are exhausted, but oh are you in love.

You feel guilty, but your heart is full of love.

You sometimes wonder if you are enough

Hey mommas, you are more than enough.

Because you are mom.

Hey mommas, you got this. You are you and no one could do you better than you.

Written by Amy Rollo, M.A., LSSP, LPC-S

Amy Rollo is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and owner of Heights Family Counseling. Amy has been practicing counseling and diagnostic evaluations for fifteen years. She has doctoral level training in the areas of child and adolescent counseling, evaluations, marriage and family therapy, and adult counseling. Amy Rollo provides counseling and evaluation services in the Houston Heights and surrounding areas. Amy’s goal in counseling is to journey with her clients in order to foster positive changes and growth in their lives. Read more about Amy's counseling style by visiting www.heightsfamilycounseling.com and read more about her services http://heightsfamilycounseling.com/services-1/