June position of the month from our sex therapist

June position of the month: Doggy-Style

With Father’s day coming up in just a few short weeks, I thought for this month’s sexual position I would highlight one that is especially pleasurable for a man.  Sexual positions, like doggy style, are typically very stimulating and pleasing to a man because it allows to have control over how much they penetrate and the ability to fully penetrate their partner. 

As always, I highly recommend starting out with foreplay (whatever that looks like for you and your partner), before heading straight into any sexual position, especially a new one.  Also, since there is kneeing involved for both partners, I would recommend trying this position either on a bed or soft surface.  I should also note that while this position is mentioned for the sexual pleasure of men, this position can also be pleasing for a partner who is donning a strap-on. 

For doggy style, both partners should be looking in the same direction, such as both looking forward so that the penetrating partner’s groin area is able to touch the penetrated partner’s butt area.  Both of partners should be kneeling, however the partner that is being penetrated should also be bent forward supporting themselves with their hands.  Typically for this position, the penetrating partner’s legs and knees will be on the outside of the partner who is bent over being penetrated.  The partner that is penetrating, can also hold on to other partner’s butt, thighs, and/or torso; this will help support both partner and help control thrusting ability.  Starting out slowly, the penetrating partner will thrust and penetrate the other partner from behind.  This continues until one or both of you are ready to end this experience.

One of the wonderful things about doggy style is that while this position is quite pleasing for a man because of the ability to fully penetrate his partner, this position is also very sexually satisfying for the penetrating partner.  While their partner is trusting and penetrating them from behind, the penetrating partner can also play with or stimulate their nipples, breasts, clitoris, and/or genitals.  Another great thing about this position is that it can be used for vaginal penetration or for anal penetration.  If you are a person who is not always the most naturally lubricated, I would also highly recommend having a personal lubricant on hand.  You can always check out my earlier blog on lubricants, to decide which type might be the best for you, especially if you and your partner want to try this position out for both anal and vaginal penetration.

I hope you are your partner have a sex-ceptional time trying out this new position!

Katie Mitchell is a counselor and Certified Sex Therapist-Candidate at Heights Family Counseling. She believes in using a solution-focused therapeutic approach to therapy, in order to empower clients to discover more effective solutions to their problems. Katie aims to foster a non-judgmental, accepting environment that helps clients to feel comfortable sharing their deepest thoughts and self-reflections. Katie enjoys working with a variety of clientele, such as individuals, couples, and families.  She also enjoys working with both individual and relational sexual concerns.  She understands that an active sex life is incredibly important for most individuals, especially those in a relationship. Learn more about Katie by visiting, https://heightsfamilycounseling.com/amy-rollo/, or learn more about our services at, https://heightsfamilycounseling.com/services/