50 Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Written by Katie Mitchell, Certified Sex Therapist

            With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I wanted to offer you all some thoughts for how to share the day with your partner (if the two of you celebrate the holiday)! 

1.     Cook dinner together.   Pop a bottle of wine and spend the evening having some quality time, preparing your meal together!  Don’t forget to include dessert!

2.     Take turns giving each other sensual massages.  Don’t forget to pick up some massage oil or lotion for this activity.

3.     Have a fancy night out!  Both of you dress to the nines and enjoy dinner at a fancy restaurant that you both have been wanting to try out!

4.     Spend the evening driving around different parts of Houston that you have never explored!  Drive through a new part of town, pick up dinner on the go, explore different neighborhoods/types of architecture.  Enjoy your time talking and driving together!

5.     Go to a karaoke night together.  Spend the evening singing all your favorite songs together.

6.     Make a picnic and enjoy it together in one of Houston’s many parks.

7.     Take a drive down to Galveston together.  If the weather permits enjoy walking along the beach, or if it’s a bit too cold for your liking, try out one of the many restaurants that you can look out at the beach.

8.     Enjoy some live music together.

9.     Have a spa day together.  Go and get a massage, manicure, pedicure, etc. together!

10.  Do a workout together.  This might mean going to the gym together, going for a hike, going for a bike ride, etc.

11.  Make a date of going to the zoo together!

12.  Spend an evening taking in a movie at the drive-in.  There are two near the Houston area!

13.  Go rock climbing together!  There are several gyms in the area that make trying this out fun and easy for even the most novice person.

14.  Make reservations ahead of time for a lane at your local bowling alley!

15.  Tour one of the many local breweries in Houston!  If you and your partner could care less to take a tour, spend some time sitting on their patio, tasting different brews together.

16.  Believe it or not, there are several local wineries in Houston that you and your partner could tour, too!  If wine is more fitting for you and your partner, try that out instead of a local brewery.

17.  If mixing drinks is something you and your partner are interested in, the two of you could take a mixology class together.

18.  Do dinner and a movie together at a place like Alamo Drafthouse or Studio Movie Grill.

19.  Make a date out of going to the aquarium together!

20.  Try out a dance class/lesson together!  Learn an old classic like the Waltz or change things up a bit by going a hip-hop class together.

21.  Take a day to explore one of the many museums Houston has to offer!

22.  Go gadget free for the day or evening together.  If you choose to do this route and have children that are staying or being watched by someone else, talk about how you will check in with kids (if needed or remain accessible to childcare).

23.  Get your adrenaline pumping together by going sky-diving!

24.  Take a cooking class together.  This might be a great way to change up making dinner together, especially if neither of you are great cooks.

25.  Try out a new creative hobby together, such as an art class, pottery class, painting with a twist.

26.  Book an escape room together. Read through the descriptions of some local rooms and find one that you and your partner would like to try and crack!

27.  Take a hot air-balloon ride together.

28.  Book tickets for a comedy show at one of Houston’s many comedy clubs.

29.  Go see a drag show together!

30.  Spend some time giving back to others by volunteering together on Valentine’s.

31.  Go to a shooting range together and practice your aims.

32.  Go to a skating rink together.  You could also spice things up a bit more and go with an 80’s or 90’s theme for the night!

33.  Build a fire together and enjoy cuddling under a blanket talking about all that the two of you have experienced together (or getting to know each other better).

34.  Pour yourselves your favorite drinks, put on some favorite music, and do a puzzle together.

35.  Book a room at a hotel and spend the entire evening together!  Spend some time at their restaurant bar (if they have one) or spend the entire evening hanging out in your room and ordering room service!

36.  Take a mini-trip together to some place the two of you have discussed wanting to explore together.  This doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive adventure, to spend some much-needed quality time together. 

37.  Go to an adult toy store together and pick out something new to use together: a toy, sexy lingerie, lotion/massage oil, etc.

38.  Spend the evening in together, binge watching a new show!

39.  Go out to a bar or club together – get out on the floor and dance with one another (this is also a great place to people watch)!

40.  Date and dine out at a local food truck.

41.  Visit a candy store together and stock up on each of your favorites!  You can morph this date into a movie or game night in together.

42.  Make each other a playlist or mix CD and then share them with one another!

43.  Spend some time completing a DIY project together. 

44.  Go horse back riding together!

45.  If the weather cooperates with your Valentine’s date night, try laying out to star gaze with one another.  This may require getting a bit out of the city to clearly see the stars!

46.  Go mini golf or go-cart together. 

47.  Spend some time asking each other questions from one of those “Get to Know Your Partner Quizzes,” such as the following.

48.  Try out a new sex position together!  Step out of your normal routine and discuss positions that the two of you are interested in!

49.  Download the “Gottman Card Deck” app and ask each other questions from the different “deck” options.

50.  Recreate the way you and your partner meet or your first date!  Go back to that same place and spend some time reflecting on your connection, growth, change, love, etc.

I hope this list of ideas helps you and your partner connect over the Valentine’s holiday!  If you and your partner are struggling to add positive moments of connection to your relationship (or find yourselves dreading spending Valentine’s Day with one another), reach out to our office to schedule an appointment today!