April Position of the Month: Bunny Hop From Our Certified Sex Therapist

Katie Mitchell, M.A. Certified Sex Therapist

            With Easter nearing, I thought this month’s featured position, the Bunny Hop, would be a fun and festive experience to try out!  The Bunny Hop would definitely be considered a workout for both partners, and it does require some flexibility for the partner being penetrated.  I highly recommend doing some light stretching together beforehand in order to help avoid injuries and/or muscle cramps. 

            For mental imagery, this position is a compact version of the wheelbarrow (here is a link to an image that will help you better visualize this experience*).  Again, this position requires more flexibility from the partner being penetrated.  To begin with this partner will kneel on the soft surface that is being used (bed, carpet, blanket, etc.) and support their upper body, by placing their hands on the soft surface.  The penetrating partner will kneel on their knees facing the backside of their partner (in order to penetrate from behind).  At this point, the partner who is being penetrated, will bend their legs in a suspended crunch (knees bent in towards their chest).  While still kneeling, the penetrating partner will hold onto their partner’s ankles in order to help support during the suspended crunch.  Holding onto your partner’s ankles not only helps to support, it will also help with the ease of penetration (having both genital areas at similar levels from one another).  Again, it is super important for the penetrating partner to have a firm hold on the other partner’s ankles.  Now, both of you will work together to find a thrusting rhythm that is pleasurable.  While the penetrating partner has more control (sine they are holding the other partner’s ankles and have more ability to trust), it is important to verbalize how quickly or slowly you both would like this experience to be.  Go at it quickly like bunnies, or take your time to slow down and more deeply penetrate.  Try this out for 1 to 5 minutes.  As a heads up, since this position is not meant to be held for an extended period of time, be sure to lubricate prior to beginning so that you can both make the most of this experience.  This position will work the triceps, chest, abdominals, and hip flexors of the partner being penetrated.  This position is a workout for the penetrating partner’s core, glutes, and hamstrings. 

            I hope you and your partner have a fun time stepping out of your sexual repertoire (or not) with this challenging position!  Here’s to bringing in the spring and new month with a new, fun sexual position!  For more information for this specific position (including image) can be found on page 148 of The Kama Sutra Workout, and this book can be purchased from Amazon here.

*This image is of full wheelbarrow, not the bunny hop; however, I think seeing this helps one better understand how this position is supposed to look.