Am I really busy?

Written by Kristin Tallackson, M.A.

I’m just SO busy. A statement I hear coming from my mouth many times a week. With life, work, volunteering, and keeping a house together, it seems there is no time left in the day for projects and activities I still want to do. I have a list of “to-dos” that are left undone at the end of the day. But, am I really as busy as I think I am? If I’m being honest, probably not. My busyness does not always mean that I am being productive.  

I will be the first to admit that I spend far too much time on the web. Whether it’s searching articles, scrolling through Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram, or searching my favorite clothing stores online ads, I waste valuable time. Was I busy doing it? Yes. Was it productive for my overall goals for the day? No.

Social media and other online forums are designed to capture our attention.  A study by Common Sense Media, a Non-Profit focused on improving lives of family and children through research and information found that Americans will spend an average of five years and four months on the web over the course of their lives. That is five years I could have used to start a business, write a book, or make unforgettable memories with my family. So, how do we avoid filling our time with mindless browsing? Here are some quick and simple tips:

1.     Decide how much of your time you want to allow on the web

2.     Write down your goals for the week, month, and year

3.     Give your self a time limit, set an alarm and stick to it

4.     Delete the apps off of your phone for a week and see how well you are able to manage your time

5.     Talk to someone if you are bored/ focus on your relationships and communication

6.     Have entire evenings free of technology, if possible.

Kristin is a counselor at Heights Family Counseling and is licensed in two states. Kristin's counseling approach is to offer a safe place for you to process and work through a multitude of circumstances, while offering valuable insight and perspective into whatever journey you may find yourself. Her philosophy is to embrace you where you are, equip you with tools, coping mechanisms and knowledge, and empower you to take those tools and lead a fulfilling life. Read more about Kristin at