June Position of the Month: From Our Certified Sex Therapist

Written by Katie Mitchell, M.A. Certified Sex Therapist

 As the heat is turning up with the weather, try out something new that will help to turn up the heat between you and your partner!  June’s position of the month is the Hot Hip Hinge.  Sexual experiences are not only a great time to physically and emotionally connect with your partner, but it can also be a great time to get in a workout/cardio!  As always, I highly recommend doing some light stretching together beforehand in order to help avoid injuries and/or muscle cramps that might arise during a sexual experience.

When thinking of where you and your partner might try out this position, keep in mind that you will need a wall for support.  In order to get into this position, the penetrating partner will stand straight up, facing towards a wall, and then find a supportive stance with their feet.  The partner being penetrated will stand in front of the other partner (also facing towards the wall).  Keep in mind that the partner being penetrated will need enough room to bend forward at the hip, stretch out their arms, and utilize the wall in front of them as a supportive surface.  The bended partner will also lift one of their legs upwards so that their arms and legs are in a straight line (imagine Warrior 3 yoga pose).  Doing so will help to provide easier access for penetration from behind.  The standing partner will help to provide support for the other partner by helping to hold up the leg that is lifted.  It does not matter if the right or left leg is lifted; figure out what it most comfortable for the two of you!  Depending on which leg is lifted, the penetrating partner, will likely need to alter their stance to be more supported.  For the experience, take you and your partner’s heights into consideration; if there is a great difference in height, expect for this position to be more of a hamstring and glute workout than it already is, since one of you will have to do more squatting throughout this sexual experience!

This position will work the core, glutes, and hamstrings for both partners.  It is always a great idea to start slower and then speed up, so that the two of you are working at the same speed of rhythm.  Try holding this position for 5 to 10 minutes.  Prior to beginning a sexual experience, be sure to have lubrication ready and nearby, so that it is only a grab away (versus realizing that you are out in the middle of a sexual experience).  Throughout this experience, try verbally sharing what is pleasurable with one another.  Also, this position can be used for rear entry vaginal penetration, but it can also be a great position for anal play. 

I hope you and your partner have a fun time adding something new to your sexual repertoire with this position!  More information (including image) can be found on page 121 of The Kama Sutra Workout, and this book can be purchased from Amazon here.