July Position of the Month: Side 69 From Our Sex Therapist

Written by Katie Mitchell, M.A., Certified Sex Therapist

            For July’s highlighted position of the month, I thought I would share a simple position that is great for partners who are tired, but still desire to sexually engage with one another.  This is a great option for those who have been busy all week with the fourth of July and have no plans of slowing down yet!

As you are probably imagining, this position is only a slight twist of the tradition 69 position.  The great thing about making this small change is that it makes the position much more comfortable for you both.  Neither of you have to decide who will be on top or bottom; instead, both partners can focus on giving and receiving pleasure with one another. 

In order to get into this position, try laying on a soft surface – like a bed, wide sofa, or blanketed surface.  You will both lay on your side, facing one another.  However, rather than laying face-to-face, you will both lay with a head-to-feet orientation.  Thus, your head will face your partner’s genitals, and your partner’s head will face yours.  It’ll help to provide more oral access to each other, if you both bend your top leg upwards (when laying on side, the leg that is laying on top of the other) and rest it on your ankle, creating a rhombus shape with your inner legs.  From here, both of you can use your hands and mouths to provide sexual pleasure to each another.  Be sure to provide one another with verbal affirmations, sharing what is pleasurable and/or what you would like more of.

Even when you are both wiped of all energy, there are great position options that do not require a ton of output from one another.  I hope you and your partner deliberately carve out some time from a busy week to sexually connect with one another!