December 2018: The Miracle of Oil- Position of the Month by Our Sex Therapist

Written by Katie Mitchell, M.A., LPC-Intern, NCC, Certified Sex Therapist- Candidate

            There are a lot of adults who are currently in survival mode with the holiday season in full swing, so I thought that this month’s highlighted position could provide some time for sexual connection with partners and still be a bit festive.  Religious ties or not, I hope you and your partner have fun attempting to create your own miracle with oil. 

            This position will be very messy, so prepare ahead of time by laying down towels or have another set of sheets/bedding ready for after your shared experience is over.  For this position, both you and your partner will rub a generous amount of sensual oil all over each other’s bodies.  For hygiene considerations, I would recommend utilizing a sensual oil that doubles as a personal lubricant (can be found at Target, locale adult toy store, CVS, etc.).  There is no need to hold back on the amount of oil; for this position, the more slippery the better!  Really take some time to oil one another’s bodies; sensually touching one another can be a great foreplay.  Once you are both oiled up, it should be easy to have your bodies slide against one other.  You and your partner will get into missionary position (penetrating partner on top; partner who is being penetrated laying flat on their back).  The two of you will use the oil to slide back and forth.  At the point, the partner who is laying on their back will press their legs together, as the penetrating partner enters their genitals.  Pressing the legs together allows for the laying partner to control the pressure and thrusting motion of their partner.  Due to all the oil and the chance of slipping, the partner who is thrusting/penetrating will need start slow.

            This position can also easily be transformed for an enter-from-behind position.  In order to transition to a new position, the partner laying on their back will flip over to lay on their stomach.  Again, keep in mind that whoever is penetrating will want to begin thrusting slowly to avoid any injuries or accidents.  Again, this position can make for a pretty fun, albeit messy, experience.  I hope you and your partner have an exciting time creating your own miracle with oil! 

            This blog is part of a monthly series that I write in order to promote sexual connections for couples.  If you and/or your partner think of your sexual connection as a bit boring, try adding some spice with this month’s highlighted position: The Miracle of Oil.