Sex Therapy

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Sexual intimacy is often an important part of life for most people. Though sex plays a significant role in society through movies, music and television, there is still a taboo that exists when it comes to asking for help with sexual issues or questions. You may feel uninformed, confused, nervous, or as if something is wrong with you when it comes to sex. This is not uncommon and it's okay for you to ask for help. If not, those feelings could get in the way of you engaging in the sexual and intimate life and relationships you desire.

You might catch yourself thinking or wondering…

"Am I the only person experiencing this?"

"What is normal?"

"What if I don't perform?"

"How do I talk about this with my partner?”

"What is this supposed to feel like?"

"Why does this not make me happy?"

or you may be doing the following:

·       Experiencing guilt or shame for having or wanting sex

·       Worrying about your partner's experience

·       Avoiding sex or intimacy

·       Fearing something is wrong with you

·       Engaging in risky sexual behavior related to substance abuse

·       Struggling with past sexual trauma

·       Struggling with desire or interest in sex

·       Experiencing pain during sex

This may leave you feeling alone, afraid and unsure of who you can talk to.

At Heights Family Counseling, we use talk-based therapy to help you better understand and achieve the type of sex life you desire, as an individual or with your partner. We provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to discuss, reflect on, and move forward from the sexual issues that you are experiencing.

You will be able to stop stressing over sexual intimacy and begin to achieve the satisfying sex life you have always desired.


Psychoeducational Evaluation - $1500

Autism Spectrum Evaluations
Ages 5 and over - $1800
Under 5 - $1200

AD/HD Evaluations - $1000

Developmental Evaluation - $1000

Insurance Coverage

Out-of-network coverage may be available depending on your insurance plan. We can provide you with a superbill for reimbursement through your insurance provider. Please consult with your insurance company to determine coverage availability.


Amy Rollo, MA, LPA, LSSP, LPC-S $185 Individual or Couple Session

Michele Dial, M.Ed., LPC $185 Couple/$160 Individual Session

Katherine Mitchell, M.A., Certified Sex Therapist $150 Individual, Sex Therapy, or Couple Session

Kristin Tallackson, M.A., LPC (OH), LPC-Intern (TX) $150 Individual or Family Session

Brittany Barnes, M.A., NCC, CST-Candidate $150 Individual, Sex Therapy, or Couple Session

Kathleen Cogan, M.A. $150 Initial appointment or Couple Therapy Session $125 Individual appointment

Steffanie Brand, M.S. $150 Initial Appointment or Couple Therapy Session $125 Individual Appointment

Rachel Ealy, M.Ed $150 Individual, Couple or Family Session