Living A More Authentic Life

“Don’t try to win over the haters. You are not a jackass whisperer.”  If you haven’t read some of Brene’ Brown’s work, then stop reading this blog and download The Gifts of Imperfection right now. For those that have continued reading, let’s talk about why this quote resonates with so many people. I can’t speak for Dr. Brene’ Brown, but I can tell you from my experience of listening to people’s stories on the counseling couch, it is anxiety. Anxiety is worsened when we focus on things that we cannot control. Let’s face it, we can’t control how people feel about us, and our anxiety will spin out of control when we attempt to control others’ emotions. Go ahead and repeat the sentence, “I can’t control how people feel about me.” While it can be rough losing perception of control, once we accept that we have no control of others’ feelings, it is liberating. It is during this time that we can truly live an authentic life. We can begin to make decisions that we feel are best and not worry about how the small nuances are going to be perceived by others.

When we start to discuss becoming our “authentic selves” many people don’t even know where to start. We are so used to living the life our parents want, the life we we think we should live (the next blog might be on how our “shoulds” are ruining our lives), the life our neighbor lives, etc. Many people enter adulthood lost in the life’s shoulds with no recognition of their true passion. This is where counseling steps in. Counseling isn’t always about solving problems, but instead journeying together in finding meaning and purpose in life. So go ahead and download all of Brene’ Brown’s books, learn to love your imperfections, begin the process of authentic living, and contact me if you are looking for someone that can journey next to you in this chapter of life.

Written by Amy Rollo, M.A., LSSP, LPC-S

Amy Rollo is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and owner of Heights Family Counseling. Amy has been practicing for fifteen years. She has doctoral level training in the areas of child and adolescent counseling, marriage and family therapy, and adult counseling. Amy Rollo provides counseling and evaluation services in the Houston Heights and surrounding areas. Amy’s goal in counseling is to journey with her clients in order to foster positive changes and growth in their lives. Read more about Amy's counseling style by visiting