January 2019 Position from Our Sex Therapist: The Firecracker

Written by Katie Mitchell, M.A., CST-Candidate

With many people having celebrated the new year earlier this week with firecrackers, this month’s featured position of the month is The Firecracker!  As a heads up, this position might be a bit tricky to get into, so you and your partner might find it helpful to talk about this position beforehand.

For the partner who will be penetrating, this is a standing position.  In order to get into position, the standing partner will hold their partner around the waist while bracing them against a wall (still face to face).  If that is not feasible, it might be more accessible to utilize a counter or tall bed to support the partner being penetrated.  The partner being penetrated will also drape their ankles over their standing partner’s shoulders.  Visually, this partner will be bent like a V.  The braced partner’s legs/ankles will drape over the standing partner’s shoulders, moving like firecrackers with every thrust.  It is very important that the standing partner has a good, supportive hold of their partner’s waist (at the bend of the V), especially if you two are not using a wall to brace against.  Doing so will help the standing partner have more control over thrusting ability and penetration depth.  As with other trickier positions, it is always best to start out thrusting slowly and find a good rhythm that is pleasurable for both of you.  Be sure to vocalize what is pleasurable with one another throughout this experience!

Here’s to hoping that you and your partner have a fun time trying out this new position!  As a friendly reminder, a sexual experience does not have to end with an orgasm to be a fun, connecting, or pleasurable experience, so here’s to trying out something new together or least having a good laugh with one another!