Budget-Friendly Experiences that can Build Relationships, Creativity and Self-Care

Written by Brittany Barnes, M.A., Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist-Candidate

Fall is around the corner which means leaves are changing, temperatures are cooling, and festive events are approaching.  October can serve as an exciting opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Through getting outside and partaking in different bonding experiences to create memories, we can enhance our connectivity with ourselves and others.  Practicing being in the here and now during these different experiences provides us the chance to fulfill our desire and need for quality time.  While there are a variety of activities to do in our city to celebrate the season, listed below are some ways to spend time together that are budget friendly and festive.  Visiting a pumpkin patch is a way that you and your family can spend quality time together in October.  This can be an experience that includes the whole family and is for all ages.  At the pumpkin patch, you can find the pumpkin that speaks to you and once you are home, you can carve a design together.  In addition to the pumpkin patch, crafting together can be a financially reasonable and fun way to spend time with loved ones.  Creating decorations for the holiday season is a way for us to express ourselves as well as generating a space for conversations to blossom.  Decorations can include making costumes, jack-o’-lanterns out of milk jugs and holiday wreaths, but the sky is the limit!  Take this time for yourself to tap into your artistic side and practice expressing yourself.  Another fall activity that can connect us is to find a recipe you have been wanting to try and create it together.  I notice that during the summer months there are so many food dishes that I would like to make, but it just doesn’t sound as good as it would if I were to make it during the fall months because it is so hot outside. With October nearing, fall can serve as the time of the year to finally try those recipes we have been wanting to make together.  It is also important to recognize that it is okay to want to take this time to connect with yourself, identifying your needs and implementing the time and space for you.  Time for yourself is important and valuable.  With the changing of the seasons , this can be a time for us to practice being present, trying new things and building bonding experiences.