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How an Evaluation Allows for your Child to be Seen Fully!

An evaluation has an even bigger opportunity for your child to be seen fully. Sure, your child might struggle to read and write, but their creativity is off the charts! Or, social communication is a challenge, but your child connects on his level by sharing all the facts he knows about his friends’ interests. AD/HD might be a diagnosis that helps your child channel all of his energy into a sport. These are the things that I see during an evaluation.

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Research Based Interventions for AD/HD

While AD/HD is not considered a specific learning disability, it certainly impacts a child’s academic performance. AD/HD diagnoses are on the rise and some researchers estimate more than 5 percent of preschoolers are diagnosed with the condition. 

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Disorder of Written Expression

Many children do not like to write, but sometimes it goes beyond a dislike. These children may have a disorder of written expression, which impact approximately 3-5 percent of the population. 

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