What We Do

Heights Family Counseling is a boutique counseling practice located in the Houston Heights and surrounding area. Amy Rollo, the owner of Heights Family Counseling, has been practicing in the field for over 15 years. She understands the importance of being able to treat the entire family. Whether it is giving support and guidance for a parent, teen counseling for a struggling adolescent, or play therapy for a young child, we believe in a systems approach to unify the family, build communication, and provide peace and harmony in the home.

Heights Family Counseling works with young children, adolescents, teens, adults, couples, and families. We understand the unique challenges of each stage of life.

Play Therapy and Child Counseling

Young children, experience difficulty being able to express their emotions and often experience difficulties with behavioral regulation, impulsivity, and oppositional behaviors. We pride ourselves in being able to connect through play, the natural language of children, and other forms of expressive therapies.

Adolescent Counseling

Teens are searching for independence, but at the same time are not always able to function independently. Building a healthy connection during adolescent counseling to help teens to build healthy problem solving skills, express emotions in a positive manner, build coping skills, and teach goal-setting are skills that can help an adolescent across a life time.

Adult & Couples Counseling

Let’s face it, being an adult is hard and the demands seem greater than ever before! Counseling can help define values, give purpose, provide space to work through life stressors, and help in relationships. Heights Family Counseling also specializes in couples, relationship, and family counseling. With doctoral level training in marriage and family therapy, we believe that counseling can address unhealthy communication styles, strengthen bonds, and heal through past pains.

Sex Therapy

An active sex life is incredibly important for most individuals, especially those in a relationship. At Heights Family Counseling, we understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help, especially when sexual issues arise. Heights Family Counseling offers sex therapy to both couples and individuals looking to enhance intimacy, increase sexual communication with a partner, address emotional difficulties related to sexual intimacy (such as past trauma or infidelities within a relationship), and address sexual dysfunctions that have arisen. Sex therapy is a talk-based therapy which aims to help individuals and couples better understand and achieve the type of sex life they wish to have.

Evaluation Services

Heights Family Counseling understands the struggle it can be for both the parent and child to struggle in school, with peers, and/or at home. The evaluation process can be a scary step for many parents; however, we strive to make sure your child’s unique strengths are recognized. We strive to understand a child completely in order to not only identify a diagnosis, but more about the individual as a whole in order to recommend a comprehensive treatment plan at home, school, and with other professionals. We offer AD/HD, Developmental, Learning, and Autism Spectrum Evaluations. An evaluation provides a better understanding of a child's strengths and weaknesses in cognitive, academic, social and emotional functioning. Recommendations will be provided to help with your child’s success in life, as well as suggest accommodations and interventions.

Feeling Heard

We understand that entering the counseling relationship can be a scary step; however, our belief is to establish a therapeutic relationship for each client to feel comfortable and heard, in a caring and judgment free manner.