August Position of the Month: The G-Whiz from our Sex Therapist

Written by Katie Mitchell, M.A., Certified Sex Therapist-Candidate

August’s position of the month, the G-Whiz, is taken from the Men’s Health Magazine’s article: 45 Sex Positions that Every Man Should Know (I highly recommend checking out this article and the other 44 positions).  This position is a perfect way to increase the heat between you and your partner – the two of you might be able to match the heat outside!

In order to get into this position, the partner being penetrated will need to lie on their back and raise their legs.  The other partner will kneel between their partner’s legs and face one another.  The partner being penetrated should be able to rest their calves on the kneeling partner’s shoulders.  The kneeling partner will then help to raise the laying-down partner’s hips up towards their penis/strap-on.  Ideally, the head of the penis/strap-on would be in direct contact with the vagina.  The laying down partner can use her rested calves to help in thrusting.  Another option for the laying down partner would be to place the bottom of your feet on the chest of the thrusting partner; this will allow you to help control how deep your partner is able to penetrate/thrust.  Start very slowly with thrusting in this position!  Due to the angle of penetration, if either partner begins too quickly, this sexual experience may be very uncomfortable.  I would also highly recommend to try this position out first on a soft surface, like a bed.  But, if the two of you decide to be more daring, I highly suggest putting a pillow under the laying partner’s head and/or having a soft surface for the penetrating partner to kneel on. 

To make this sexual position extra spicy, play with one another and yourself during the experience.  Try to keep any free hands you might in contact with your own or your partner’s skin.  For example, try stimulating your own or your partner’s breasts/nipples during this experience.

As always, I hope trying out this position is a fun experience for you both!  If you and your partner are struggling to connect sexually and/or emotionally reach out to us at Heights Family Counseling to schedule an appointment.  Let us help you put the heat back into your sexual relationship!

Katie Mitchell is a counselor and Certified Sex Therapist-Candidate at Heights Family Counseling. She believes in using a solution-focused therapeutic approach to therapy, in order to empower clients to discover more effective solutions to their problems. Katie aims to foster a non-judgmental, accepting environment that helps clients to feel comfortable sharing their deepest thoughts and self-reflections. Katie enjoys working with a variety of clientele, such as individuals, couples, and families.  She also enjoys working with both individual and relational sexual concerns.  She understands that an active sex life is incredibly important for most individuals, especially those in a relationship. Learn more about Katie by visiting,, or learn more about our services at,