Breathing Exercise of the Week!

Breathing Exercise of the Week!

Summer in south Texas is no picnic! Slogging through triple digit weather almost every day can definitely take its toll, making us hotter, more exhausted, and more irritated that we would ever wish to be! As I’m sure the title of this blog has given away already, one way to combat the adverse effects of this rising heat is through calm and focused breathing. So whether you’re trying to battle the external heat of the sun, or the internal heat of anger and frustration, this breathing exercise can provide the cool-down you’re craving!

Cooling Breath

Start by curling your tongue in the shape of a tube. If you cannot curl your tongue, simply make a small oval with your lips and keep your tongue flat on the base of your mouth. Next, inhale through your mouth very slowly and evenly (this will sound a little funny if your tongue is curled). Once you have finished the inhale, quickly but softly close your lips, and allow the chilled air to sit in your mouth for a moment. Then, slowly, evenly exhale through your nose.

By manipulating the shape of your mouth and tongue in this way, you are allowing the air you inhale to become significantly cooler than the air you exhale, making you feel naturally calmer and more refreshed! So repeat this cycle of inhaling, pausing, and exhaling, for as long as you like this summer! Or really any time you feel the need a quick moment of chill and peace.

Breathe easy ‘til next week!

Written by Helena Lorenz

Heights Family Counseling Clinical Intake Specialist