Why a Pause Actually Creates Growth in Your Life

If you have been a client of mine for a while, you might have caught me in a habit/tradition of mine before work. I like to get to work a bit early before my first appointment, I then just sit in the car for 5 to 10 minutes. As I was doing this today, I couldn’t help but wonder what the heck was I really doing. I mean, I had literally been stuck in the house for over 24 hours during this wintery storm and was so excited to see clients again today. Yet, I couldn’t force myself out of the car to get started. What was prompting this behavior? It dawned on me that it was a few things that many of us experience.

I’ve learned throughout my years as a counselor and boss that people hate change. In fact, people loathe change. There is something that is part of our human experience that makes us resistant or hesitant to the change experience. For me, I think the transition of going from my home to work requires a pause. I started to reflect what is actually happening during this pause. For me during this pause, I actually honor my feelings. I breathe, and I do a body scan of how my emotions are being felt and reflected physically. I then breathe again. From there, I go into work eager to start this new transition in my day and able to give 100 percent.

The pause is so vital for our growth. Without a pause, we sometimes use a halt. This halt is when our fear of change and transition stops us from moving at all. For instance, how many times have you vowed to create a new work-out routine, send your resume for a new job opportunity, or create some other type of change that you just do not seem to follow through on? Instead of halting during these times of transition and change, pause and honor what you are really feeling about the change. It is likely a mixture of feelings and not just one emotion. Honor how your body feels, breathe, honor how your emotions feel, breathe, and pause. Honor this time, then go out and do all those great things that you might be hesitant to do because you are human, you know!

Written by Amy Rollo, M.A., LSSP, LPC-S

Amy Rollo is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and owner of Heights Family Counseling. Amy has been practicing counseling and diagnostic evaluations for fifteen years. She has doctoral level training in the areas of child and adolescent counseling, evaluations, marriage and family therapy, and adult counseling. Amy Rollo provides counseling and evaluation services in the Houston Heights and surrounding areas. Amy’s goal in counseling is to journey with her clients in order to foster positive changes and growth in their lives. Read more about Amy's counseling style by visiting www.heightsfamilycounseling.com and read more about her services http://heightsfamilycounseling.com/services-1/