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Positive Parenting: Say this, not that

 Whether we are parenting, teaching, or nannying, frustrations get the best of us. We find ourselves frustrated with crying children who do not comply with what we say. Out of frustrations come demands such as:

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Positive Psychology

Largely, I operate from a strengths-based perspective meaning that when working with clients I emphasize the positive and I collaboratively work with each client to find ways to encourage positive thinking patterns. A counselor operating from a strengths-based perspective helps clients identify their strengths, social supports, successes, and positive experiences in their life.

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Teens' Social Media Use!

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook… So now you know the major social media platforms, but now what? Many parents come in my office confused about their adolescent’s social media us. Questions such as, “Is it okay for them?” “Is it hurting them?” “Should you be monitoring their use?” are frequently asked. Well the short answer is “yes” for all of the questions, but the long answer is a bit more complicated.

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