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Discovering the New Normal After Children

I was recently asked, “When does life start to feel more normal after having children, and when will I begin to start feeling like myself again?” It’s such a typical question, yet I was unsure how to respond. In truth, the answer is “never,” but when you are in the newborn trenches that answer can be difficult to hear.

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Resilient Therapy

f you are part of the human race, it means that you have struggled with self-esteem, self-compassion, and self-doubt at some point in your life. Many of us have had questions, such as “Am I enough,” “Am I good enough,” “do people even like me,” or “why do things seem so much more difficult for me?” Resilient based counseling uses a variety of techniques with the basic principle that the client has the strength and expertise to solve their own problems.

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Resiliency- Discovering Our Strengths in Our Toughest Times

I open my back door after the World Series win to let my dog out, only to hear honking, excited yelling in the streets, and an overall feeling of ecstasy in the city. I smiled to myself and thought, “we did it!”

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