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My Selfish Experiment

I embarked on a journey in 2017. A journey that I didn’t even tell my closest friends about. I declared to my husband on New Year’s Eve last year that this was a “me year.” I unapologetically said I was going to be “selfish” this year. You see, my life previously was very similar to many parents out there. Constantly thinking of everyone else, putting my children before me, putting my husband before me, and putting my job before me. I was exhausted, unhappy with life, and in a state of constant exhaustion.

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Practicing Gratefulness In-order to Transform Your Life and Brain

I recently attended a fascinating conference discussing the neuroplasticity of the brain. Ok, I know, things suddenly got boring when I tossed around the big fancy medical term. However, despite the boring medical term, the concept was pretty interesting! 

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