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While You Were Sleeping

Sleep – the ever-elusive miracle worker. From better moods and sharper minds to managing weight and preventing cancer, sleep can do it all. But do you know how? It turns out that while we’re resting, our biological systems are hard at work throughout the night. While neuroscience and biological functioning run far deeper than my well of knowledge, I am fascinated by the immense and intricate work the brain and body do while we’re sleeping.

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The Power of Giving & Thanks

As much as I love summer, the holiday season is probably my favorite time of year. For me, it’s a time for family gatherings, celebrating time-honored traditions, and connecting with friends near and far. The good food and warmth and laughter I share with friends and family bring me so much joy. As the resident gratitude ambassador, this is my time of year. I’m thankful year round, but this season brings about a greater sense of reflection on what I have instead of what I don’t have. And how I can turn something seemingly unwelcome into something valuable.

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