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Premarital Counseling – Exploring Beliefs and Values

Premarital counseling is not as common as you may think . . . or as common as may be warranted, considering today’s divorce rate. In my counseling experience, I see far more couples in distress, often on the verge of divorce, than I see couples preparing for a long healthy relationship together.

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Gottman: Date 2

If you are just tuning into this new blog series, I highly suggest going back to read/complete the first date topic, trust and commitment.  As a recap, Eight Dates is a date guide about 8 different beneficial conversations that help couples to connect and gain a better understanding of one another.  Over the next couple of months, I will be completing overviews of each date conversation. 

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Breathing exercise of the week!

The seamless exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide that keeps our bodies humming along. And even though it’s a process that is obviously incredibly crucial to our lives, it’s something we typically give very little thought to. It’s one of the hundreds of valuable processes that our bodies execute automatically, and, as such, requires very little of our conscious effort.

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