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While You Were Sleeping

Sleep – the ever-elusive miracle worker. From better moods and sharper minds to managing weight and preventing cancer, sleep can do it all. But do you know how? It turns out that while we’re resting, our biological systems are hard at work throughout the night. While neuroscience and biological functioning run far deeper than my well of knowledge, I am fascinated by the immense and intricate work the brain and body do while we’re sleeping.

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The Importance of Play!

As a Licensed Professional Counselor who often works with children and a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, I firmly believe that children need to have play to teach them how to cope with emotions, develop critical thinking skills, and learn early academics.

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The Best Secrets to Rest Better Tonight!

When your alarm goes off, you can’t help but be exhausted. In fact, you’d give anything for 30 more minutes of sleep. Does this sound familiar?

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