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School Readiness Camp-Empathy and Perspective Taking/Teamwork

Welcome to week two of my three-week blog series coving our upcoming School Readiness Camp. This week’s blog will take a closer look at empathy and perspective taking as well as teamwork. Below are links to my two previous blogs.

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Am I really Angry?

Anger. Every one feels it, right? Anger can come in small or little doses. We get angry that our plans aren’t turning out the way we had hoped for.  Angry that our kids aren’t listening to what we ask them to do. Angry that the ketchup exploded in the refrigerator. But, is anger really what you’re feeling? According to Robert Pluchick, you’re not.

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Breathing Exercise of the Week!

This week’s breathing exercise is probably the one I employ most frequently in my everyday life. It’s so simple to do (it doesn’t require any facial or body manipulation), and it’s incredibly effective for the moments when I need a little “emergency calm”. If you suffer from any kind of anxiety, this breathing technique can be a great tool for you slow down your heart rate, and calm your body and mind before those stressful feelings of anxiety get out of control.

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