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Helping Your Child with Back to School Nerves

Starting the new school year is exciting, but it can also be nerve-racking for some children. Anxiety is a complicated for kids so I often use the terms nervousness, worry, fear, or school jitters. The term anxiety also comes with a stigma and many parents do not feel comfortable saying or recognizing that their child has anxiety. This can result in delaying treatment and not getting treatment at all.

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Am I really Angry?

Anger. Every one feels it, right? Anger can come in small or little doses. We get angry that our plans aren’t turning out the way we had hoped for.  Angry that our kids aren’t listening to what we ask them to do. Angry that the ketchup exploded in the refrigerator. But, is anger really what you’re feeling? According to Robert Pluchick, you’re not.

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