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The Power of Self-Care: It’s NOT selfish, It’s NOT indulgent IT’S NECESSARY

“If the airplane cabin loses pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. Place the mask over your nose and mouth before helping others.” You know the drill – put your mask on FIRST. Even though our instincts often guide us to take care of EVERYONE else first, or at least those closest to us. Especially our family, right?

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Gottman: Date 4

This week we are on to date number four: work and money.  Research has shown that financial arguments are the single best predictor of divorce and are one of the top five reasons couples fight.  With this information in mind, figuring out the meaning of money and work is incredibly important for the success of your relationship.

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Teaching Kids Body Boundaries

Imagine you are getting ready to leave when grandma reaches down and kisses their grandchild. Your child accepts the kiss but as soon as they get in the car, they express their strong dislike for grandma’s kisses. You feel conflicted on what to say. You don’t want to hurt grandmas feelings, but you also want to make your kid feel comfortable. This is a common situation and a perfect open door to begin talking to your child about their body boundaries and consent.

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